Finding the Secret Sauce

We take the time to understand our partners’ needs. We look under the hood to figure out what makes them tick. We strategically pair them with services that fit their milestones: from Investment Capital, to Agent Consulting, to Social Media Marketing, and Exit Strategy Consulting.

Keeping Pace with Growth

How does a company maintain its needs while experiencing accelerated growth? By finding a partner that is uniquely positioned to provide services at every milestone a growing company will achieve.



Closing the Deal

The LVE Group compliments the strengths of its founder Mike Luzio, former CEO of Industry Retail Group. His attention to detail and relationship-building creates lasting partnerships. In turn, The LVE Group creates constant opportunity to close deals.

Success Stories

Jersey Girls Food Tours

You don’t have to cross the bridge into Manhattan to taste great food. That’s the unofficial motto of Jersey Girls Food Tours. Founders Alessia Aron and Janis Borroto are changing this stereotype one tour at a time.

Sunniva Super Coffee

It started with a blender in a dorm room. See how the DeCicco brothers were able to get Super Coffee to reach campuses and stores nationwide.

Popcorn for the People

Dr. Steven Bier started Popcorn for the People so his autistic son could have steady employment, but that was only the beginning of this truly inspiring story.

Body by Simone

Find out how Simone De La Rue went from a dancer down on her luck to running her own celebrity fitness empire.

Urban Axes

Throwing axes and drinking alcohol isn’t your everyday business model. Yet, Urban Axes​ is defying the status quo. The company is providing a unique entertainment alternative for adults.

Five Guys

In 1986, Five Guys started with a single location. In 2017, they were nearing 1,500 locations. How did they do it? Consistency.

Grow Your Business from Idea to Exit

The LVE Group is founded on this notion: Success has no limit.  We provide access to capital, consultation, partner facilitation, and exit strategy.