Investment Capital & Business Advisory

Entrepreneurs founded The LVE Group. We know the importance of finding sources of capital to fuel growth, and we realize the challenges many start-ups face in trying to accelerate that growth. Traditional debt-funding sources, such as banks, are not willing to go beyond certain risk thresholds. Given the right idea, industry, and leadership, we are willing to provide a fair source of capital and ideas for growth. Along with our pool of high net-worth investors, The LVE Group is looking for attractive investment opportunities in high-growth industries where we can partner.

We are not a fund. And while we work collaboratively, each member ultimately makes their own investment decision.

We view business advisory as a necessary component, largely because we are not interested in passive investment opportunities. Our access to some of the most talented C-level professionals across various business verticals puts us in position to help drive further growth, commercialize innovation, and furnish success. Let us put our years of expertise and leadership to work for you.