Speaking Engagements

Beyond the knowledge, experience, and success that Mike Luzio and The LVE Group have accumulated over two decades in business as entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs, one unique facet stands out: Passion.

And Luzio and his team are ready to bring that passion to you, directly.

While the essential information and tools for success in business can always be read or downloaded or relayed via email, in-person passion for the work and the drive and the dedication can never be replicated, digitized, or supplanted. No one has ever been motivated by a Word document; never has a PowerPoint presentation stoked emotion. But, by combining the learned experiences and lessons of a successful business owner with the intensity and the exuberance of a powerful public speaker, knowledge and passion come together to create the ultimate impetus to achieve.

Mike Luzio’s dynamic personality and deep understanding of winning businesses present themselves perfectly as on-site speaking engagements offered by The LVE Group. Whether it’s an annual corporate event for CEOs, a training seminar for the sales team, or a motivational push company-wide, our Speaking Engagement service can be tailored to suit your needs, your goals, and your environment.

Whatever your purpose, Luzio and The LVE Group can offer an in-person, face-to-face, real-time experience that is sure to leave your audience with more knowledge to use, and more passion to put it into effect.

If you’d like to hire Mike Luzio or another member of The LVE Group for a Speaking Engagement, please contact us.