Why LVE?

The LVE Group’s Co-founder and Managing Director Mike Luzio can easily answer that question: 

“What you want to do with your business, I’ve already done with mine. And I want to show you how.”

As a 27-year-old with an idea, two partners, and minimal start-up capital, Luzio used just $15,000 to build a business, grow it, and sell it less than ten years later — for more than $50 million.

That kind of success was in part due to Luzio surrounding himself with the right people to make it happen. Today, he’s taking that same approach to developing his new venture, The LVE Group, which as a company brings decades of individual business experience across various fields and mediums, a seasoned advisory board, and a touch of youth to embolden our modern approach. 

The LVE Group and its cadre of strategic partners can offer your business the inside personnel, outside network, and combined experience and knowledge from which a wide range of insight, opportunities, and impactful solutions can be found.

Because we’ve been there; because we’ve done it; because we know what it takes to win. Mike Luzio and The LVE Group are uniquely qualified to help you and your business navigate that same path to success.

That’s why you want to work with The LVE Group.